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Five percent of the world population cannot distinguish red and green. They are suffering from color blindness. Some people can see our beautiful and colorful world only in black-white contrasts and their sense of color is impaired. This illness is called achromasia or acritochromacy. Achromaster is a color blind app for your mobile device.

Three powerful and easy to use features will help to identify more colors in life. To determine the shade, this app provides 137 predefined RGB colors based on the W3C standard. Colors can be compared easily and clearly and identified on images within this app. Achromaster is an useful and helpful app for those struggling with color blindness. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Please have a look at the Apple iTunes Store, get one of the best supporting color blind app and start to travel the world like nomads would do.

Achromaster - App for color blindness for iPhone & iPad


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Telephone: +66-94-257-9379

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