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Live Camera for WhatsApp

The Live Camera for WhatsApp helps you to always view your environment on the display of your mobile phone. Mobile phone fails, severe accidents and collisions can be avoided with this brilliant app. You can move the Live Camera Overlay App easily on your telephone display, resize it for a better view and still continue to follow the group chat in WhatsApp. With this app it doesn't happen so easily that you run against a post, stumble at the curb, fall off the stairs or crash accidentally into a fountain. Obstacles on your way are clearly visible on your phone screen and you can exchange messages with friends and family in WhatsApp more secure without ending up as a cellphone fail.

The Live Camera for WhatsApp is an app, that provides you the same comfort like driver assistence systems in modern cars are providing its drivers. This Live Camera Overlay App is the first on the market available mobile assistence system for your safety. Make the best decision for your security and get now the Live Camera for WhatsApp. This app is not an official WhatsApp app and is not supported by WhatsApp Inc.. The Live Camera for WhatsApp is available for over 9000 different Android smartphones and tablets. With this app cell phone fails belong to the past.

Live Camera for WhatsApp for Android


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