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Finally the time has come. The well-deserved holiday is approaching. I'm going on a trip and I'm taking with me toothbrush, shoes, trousers, camera, passport, underwear, sun glasses, bikini, snowboard and many, many items more. And here the stress begins again. Did I pack everything I will need? Do I really need the snowboard? Where are the sun glasses? Are they already in the bag? Oh no, stop it and download now Packnomad, the packing list app.

Packnomad is a powerful, easy to use and free of charge travel app. This packing list app provides more than 50 predefined packing lists for many different destinations, occassions and events. You can also create your packing list yourself from a selection of over 350 products. The luggage check list and the packing videos with several packing hacks offered within Packnomad give you the possibility to start your holiday when it really starts, when you leave work on your last day. Packnomad is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and over 9000 different Android smartphones and tablets.

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