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Photos+Share is a share app that allows to share a photo or video on many different Social-Media-Platforms easily and comfortably. You just take a photo or select a photo from the gallery of your mobile device and share the picture with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Google Plus, Gmail or Mail. It's sooooo easy with this photo share app.

The photo sharing app requires the installation of third party apps like the Facebook app, the Twitter app, the Instagram app or the Pinterest app but this video share app makes sharing very very easy. You don't need to open the Facebook app, upload a picture, write a text and send the post. You don't need to open the Twitter app, upload the same picture, write some words and then twitter. You don't need to open the Instagram app, upload the same picture to post it also there. You don't need to have opened tons of Social-Media-Apps on your mobile device. Photos+Share does the uploading of the photos and videos to every Social-Media-Platform handle for you easily. You like the idea? Then visit the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play Store, download Photos+Share for free and simplify your Social-Media-Life.

Photos+Share - Photo sharing app for iOS and Android

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