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Our team of two app developers are digital nomads. This is why we are creating the best apps worldwide. We can support you to realize your ideas with our experience in ios app development for Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch, and our experience in android app development for more than 9000 different Android devices. We can offer you Know-how in Sw Design, Sw Implemention, Sw Test, Release of your app in Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store plus maintainance of your app.

We are experts in agile software developing processes like Extreme Programming just as we can provide you expert knowledge in phase-oriented app development with the V-Model or the Waterfall-Model. Depending on your app idea, requirements and functional specification, appnomads can develop, implement, document, verify and release your mobile product. Support with the software architectur, app specification and storyboard can be provided by the software designers of appnomads, too. We have long and proven knowledge and experience in design, implementation and verification of Embedded Software. We learned our jobs from scratch at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and gained more expert knowledge while working at companies like BMW, Sony Ericsson, Teleca, Brunata and many more. Appnomads can provide you expert Know-how for realizing your app idea. If you want to hire app developers with long experience in business, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

We are

  • passionate app developers
  • creative Sw designers
  • experienced Sw programmers
  • detailed Sw testers
  • reliable contractors
  • flexible entrepreneurs
  • responsive persons
  • happy travellers and housesitters

Passionate App Developers

Appnomads have released already several apps in Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

Creative Sw Designers

Knowledge in Sw Design gained in large projects and small assignments stimulates our work.

Experienced Sw Programmers

Our expertise in different programming languages, IDEs, OS and SW development tools is your benefit.

Detailed Sw Testers

ISTQB Sw Tester training enhances the quality and usability of apps developed by appnomads.


Reliable contractors

Working with appnomads means working with highly reliable and motivated Sw developers.

Flexible entrepreneurs

We can work anywhere and anytime. The working conditions are determined by the customer.

Responsive persons

We want to provide responsive App Design in useful, entertaining and educational apps.

Happy travellers and housesitters

Appnomads have many interests, which can be easily combined with our occupation.

Sw Design

Appnomads can provide you high quality support for the Sw design of your app. Design and functional requirements specifications, UML notations, Test specifications, documentation and straight communication with the costumer can be easily arranged by us.

Sw Implementation

Appnomads can offer you a huge experience in developing Embedded Software and Apps. Objectiv C, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Database Management, Cloud and Drive Management, App and Website Development are just some of the skills appnomads have to offer.

Sw Test

Appnomads are high qualified and certified Sw Testers. We will take care that your mobile product is released on time with high quality.
A stable, reliable and bug free app developed by appnomads for our customers living up their reputation is our main goal in cooperations.

App Release

Appnomads have released already several apps in the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.
We can support you with Alpha-, Beta- and Releaseversions of your app, the available Payment and Purchase methods for your app and many more.

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Telephone: +66-94-257-9379

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