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Beatrice Krell - Android app developer

Hi, my name is Beatrice Krell. Before we started to travel I did work as an Embedded Software Designer for several big companies in Germany. I did study Computer Science at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and I did an apprenticeship as carpenter.

This short CV doesn't sound too bad. I gained a lot of experience in Sw Development processes and lifecycles, Sw Design, Sw Languages, Sw Implementation, Sw Test or Sw Version Management. But the experience of life was missing in my CV.

Travelling South-East-Asia and Australia was an experience for my life. It did return the real intentions and dreams for studying Computer Science to my mind though I was not quite good in math and only a girl of 16 years. First of all there will always be a need for Sw Developers in future. Furthermore Sw Developers can work anywhere. An additional benefit was that I had to improve my math skills, would learn programming and the whole tech stuff. I am not the born nerd but I do understand my subject very, very well. I am passionate about programming and travelling, and I want to make my dreams come true. Just work anywhere.

Travel far enough, you meet yourself.

David Mitchell

Here are the things I am serious about:

Partner, Family and Friends 100%

Travelling 98%

Work 88%

Chocolate 75%

Life 62%

Develop useful, interesting, educating and entertaining apps. Find a name and logo for a nice web presentation and create it. Write a blog or two. Create accounts in all available Social Networks. Tell everyone about our apps and earn enough money to continue the journey.

Buy a van in the U.S. and pimp the vehicle befitting to our social status. Travel with the van through South- and Northamerica and Canada. Go to India, ride with the bike through Vietnam, see Laos, stand at the Great Wall in China and see the cherry blossom in Japan. Travel Europe with my European van. Visit Africa and so on.

Buy or rent a farm at a nice place. Have many cats and dogs and chicken. Water the plants in the garden. Cook every day. Do Yoga. Play WOW. Taunt Peter. And just be old and happy and grateful.

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Telephone: +66-94-257-9379

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