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Peter Lakatos - iOS app developer

My name is Peter Lakatos. I was born in Munich, but my roots are hungarian. I can speak both languages fluently. But since I am traveling I talk english every day. I decided to travel already a long time ago. But before I was able to realize my dreams, it was necessary to build a base.

Once I finished my apprenticeship as industry electronics engineer I take advantage of the second-chance eduation to get my higher education entrance qualification. This is where I fall in love with Beatrice. After one year alternative service, I joined Beatrice at the Munich University of Applied Sciences to study Computer Science.

After working many years for different companys in variously countries, everything was set up to explore the world. Since individuals who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living are called digital nomads, I call myself digital nomad as well. My first app was released 2011 on Apple App Store. Since that I developed many iOS apps, both my own and as freelancer. My customers are constantly satisfied by my trustworthy job execution. Since 2014 I travel and work worldwide. Working as app developer makes me able to implement my ideas. To become a appnomad was the best decision of my life.

To be a digital nomad is like living my dream - but without dreaming.

Peter Lakatos

My Skills

Sense Of Direction 99%

Playing Guitar 3%

Ability To Empathize 78%

Technical Understanding 87%

Negotiating Skills 38%

My first goal is to satisfy Beatrice to achieve her third goal. The base is built already. Grain by grain and the hen fills her belly.

My second goal is to satisfy Beatrice to achieve her second goal. I love to drive. I dream about a Van with permanent WiFi and electricity supply.

My third goal is to satisfy Beatrice to achieve her first goal. With appnomads we already found a name which represents our way of living. The web presentation is created. Actually we live in South East Asia to finally reach our goals.

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Telephone: +66-94-257-9379

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